Headboard Passage is made off a cane framework and an open webbing.

Created for Orchid Edition, https://www.orchid-edition.com:

The double headboard, made of two single bed wing panels (one left, one right) will accomodate up to king size (160cm) mattresses. For smaller sizes, the webbing part of the panels will slightly overlap at both sides. The outside cane frame can be used to attach of clamp a bedside lamp. Delivered with two wing panels ready to assemble.

“PASSAGE is a natural rattan composition playing with hollow or solid surfaces. Intertwined frames are giving to this headboard a sense of lightness, as if drifting in the air. Started like an artwork from sketch with outlines and forms, it eventually evolved into a real product with a function. The outside frame where a clamplamp can be fixed is holding the inside headrest in open webbing.”  Emilie CERIEZ